Mr. Bua Philip Ortavershima

Founder,Director,Editor,Author,Designer of TivCatholicLink

Bua Philip was born and brought up in Benue State, the middle belt of Nigeria. He joined the Salesians of Don Bosco in 2003. He was the first Tiv Man to professed as a Salesian of Don Bosco and "willingly" left the Congregatison in 2013 to reflect more about his vocation and further his studies.

His intellectual background includes Certificate at N.K.S.T primary school Adikpo, St. Andrew Secondary School Adikpo (SASSA) Philosophy studies in Ibadan Nigeria. He obtained an ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) from South Africa, an IPMC Certificate in Computer Graphics from Accra-Ghana.

Bua was awarded B.A (Hons)  in Social Communication at Tangaza University College Nairobi- Kenya, specializes in electronic Media (Video Production, Online Journalism, Photography, Computer Graphics, Computer software and Hardware).

In 2016, Bua was awarded M.A (Hons) in Project Planning and Management at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi-Kenya.

Before then, Bua has written and carried out many projects. He is  the founder of BuscoMedia in Nairobi, Radio U Tiv, Tiv Nation and TivCatholicLink. He won two times international Film Festival award from “My Hero Project” in California USA.

Bua is someone who is self-motivated, focused and passionate about creativity, God-fearing, He believes whatever he got, God made it possible and he is always happy to share  freely his talents especially with young people.

He taught many people in Nigeria, Ghana and Nairobi Kenya Online Journalism,Video Production,Photography,Computer Skills, Computer Repairs, Internet Networking, Graphic Design, Website Designing, Screen Printing, Batik Tie and Dye Techniques, Drawing and Painting. He has also set up many websites for organizations, companies out and within Africa.


Rev. Fr. Victor Tersoo Ashwa, C. S.Sp

Editor,Author, designer & Admin of TivCatholicLink Radio 

When the cry of a baby boy was heard in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Usongo Ashwa of Mbamar in Shngev Tiev Konshisha Local Government area of Benue State, little did anyone envisage that the young boy would grow to walk with the Lord. Like every other child, the infant Tersoo grew under the watch of his parents who took every care to nurture him in the right ways.  He was baptized with the name Victor as if he was been prepared not only for the basic Christian life but also for the existential ordeals of human life.

Juvenile Tersoo Victor Ashwa attended Ninga Nursery and Primary School Zaki-Biam in Ukum Local Government area of Benue State. Upon graduation, he was admitted into the Government College Makurdi where he had part of his high school education and completed at St Anthony’s High School Zaki-Biam. Thereafter, he had six-month course data processing/computer graphics at Progress Computer Model College, Makurdi.  It was now that young Tersoo, started exhibiting signs of the young biblical Samuel confronted with a divine call.

In 2004, young Victor Tersoo Ashwa was called into preliminary stage of formation with the Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers when he had his yearlong Postulancy at the Spiritan Postulate House in Yola Adamawa State. Coming out successful, Victor was admitted into a full year noviceship at the Spiritan Novitiate Awo-Omamma in Imo State. Upon completion of an uninterrupted 365 daylong novitiate, Victor was officially initiated into the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the Protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the 16th day of September in 2006 by the ecclesiastical rites of first profession. 

From there, Victor Tersoo, C.S.Sp was assigned to the Spiritan School of Philosophy Isienu- Nsukka in Enugu State where he bagged a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Philosophy from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) in 2010. In 2011, Victor was posted to the Holy Ghost House Aliade where he had his yearlong pastoral experience usually referred to as Prefecting. Between 2012 and 2015, Victor was at the Spiritan International School of Theology (SIST) Attakwu in Enugu State were he bagged a B.A Religion and Cultural Studies from the UNN and an M.A in Theology from the Dusquence University Pittsburg in the USA. As someone who has so much love for communication, he took a course in cinematography and story telling  with the Tanzanian film industry to prepare him for the tasks ahead.

Tersoo Victor Ashwa was admitted to Final Vows of Religious Profession on the 21st of August 2014 and next day, 22nd was raised to the clerical order of diaconate at the SS Peter and Pauls’ Parish Church in Aliade Benue State. Yet to the glory of God, Rev. Fr. Victor Tersoo Ashwa, C.S.Sp was raised to the order of the Priesthood on the 18th July 2015 at the St. Michael’s Parish Yagba in Makurdi Benue State.

He is presently on mission in Tanzania East Africa, working in St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Parish Usa River Arusha as an assistant parish priest at the same time, Fr. is in charge of the Communication office of the Holy Ghost Fathers Province of Tanzania.

Rev. Fr. Victor Tersoo Ashwa, C.S.Sp is a likable calm and generous fellow with a simplistic life style. He loves listening to Music and doing his art work and computer graphics for which he is known in the Congregation.




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