Competition such as debating and public speaking is one of the many areas of the extra-curricular for many Catholic schools.

With the help of our sponsors, TivCatholicLink set aside some funds to organize this kind of events to give students the opportunity to improve their communication skills in their academic pursuit and above all to learn about their Catholic faith. 

We believe through Catholic education, with extra-curricular programs like competition, students are exposed to the richness of the religious tradition. Music, Art, Literature, Drama and Ritual are rooted in the rich history of the Church, and find their truest glory as an expression of divine praise.

Catholic school students learn that excellence is a response to God’s blessings. Academic excellence is not a gospel value in and of itself.

The Sermon on the Mount doesn’t say “Blessed are you who get all A’s.” Education must have an altruistic orientation. Students learn so as to help others, and make a difference in the world around them.



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