The Catholic Diocese of Gboko is situated in Gboko the traditional headquarters of the Tiv people or nation. There are seven Local Governments covered by the diocese, namely, Buruku, Konshisha, Gboko, Tarka, Kwande, Ushongu, and Vandeikya.
The territory is basically rural but all the Local Government Areas and other places may be classified as towns.The people are predominantly Tiv and they live together with other tribes. English and Tiv are the general languages spoken here. By occupation, the people are generally agrarian, however, they also engage in petty businesses

Fr. Alexander Leon Lejeune Cssp, who succeeded Fr. Rene Pawlas Cssp, as Apostolic Prefect is believed to be the first to make contacts with the Tiv people. After the death of Fr. Lejeune in 1950, the Congregation for evangelization of the peoples (Propaganda Fidei) appointed Fr. Jules Douvry Cssp in 1917 as Administrator for the whole of Cameroon.

Fr. Douvry also made exploratory journey among the Tiv people to find out the possibility of establishing a station there but when he travelled to France, he could not return to Nigeria due to ill-health that led to his death in 1924. Before his death, however, he sent a report to Ogoja, expressing hope for the future of the Church among the Tiv people. Fr. Douvry worked together with Fr. Mellet Cssp.

The diocese of Gboko shares boundaries with Makurdi Local Government of Benue State on the West; Logo and Katsina-Ala Local Government, all of Benue state on the North; Cameroon Republic on the north-East and Ogoja Local Government of Cross River State on the south-East.

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