The Catholic Diocese of Katsina-Ala is situated in Katsina-Ala. There are seven Local Governments covered by the diocese in Tivland. On December 29th, 2013 Pope Benedict XVI created Katsina-Ala Dioceses out of Makurdi, Peter Iornzuul Adoboh is it's first Bishop.

The people are predominantly Tiv and they live together with other tribes. English and Tiv are the general languages spoken here. By occupation, the people are generally agrarian, however, they also engage in petty businesses.

 The evangelization of the ecclesiastical territory of present day Kastina-Ala, Ukum and Logo was part of the newly formed prefecture that covered the entire land area within the East of the River Niger and to the South of River Benue. In 1920, its status was raised to that of Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Nigeria, though maintaining it's boundaries.

The French Holy Ghost Fathers were the first Missionaries who penetrated the Tiv Land, referred to as the ‘ Munshi Kingdom ’ beginning with the Berlin Declaration of 1884, of Benue as an international waterway. In 1900, Pere Lejeune who was appointed Superior of the Spiritan Mission in Nigeria and the Prefect Apostolic of Southern Nigeria, wrote about his delight when he came across excellent weaved cloths produced by the local people called Tiv "who have never seen the turban" i.e who are not Muslims. He later arrived Abinsi hoping to start a Mission to the Tiv.

While the Tiv Mission kept haunting the Missionaries, negative perception of the ‘Munshi’ people as told by Frederick Lugard, the British high Commissioner to Northern Nigeria and the Muslim authorities kept them away. Because of the Tiv people's rejection of Islam and slave trade, the Whites were seen as collaborators in the slave trade. "They are convinced that the disciples of Muhammad and the Whites are identical" and must both be opposed. "We will have to correct this impression... it is a task that is the responsibility of Missionaries" Lejeune Wrote.

In 1930, the German Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers were sent to reside in the Benue area and develop all these early contacts. Their apostolic zeal and energy were such that in 1934 the area of the civil territory of Benue Province, Northern Nigeria, was made into the “Prefecture Apostolic of Benue “with its Centre first at Markurdi and later Otukpo. 

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