The world is changing, new things are surfacing daily, some we know how and some we don’t have any idea how! Human beings likewise are changing, for instance, in the developed world many people don’t have interest in God, and young people don’t go to church anymore. In Africa is not the case and we need to strengthen the faith of young people, there is need for stories and massagers of hope and courage to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Whatever you submitted to us must celebrate a catholic hero, explore concepts of heroism. There are lot of Catholics around your parishes who are touching and influencing so much the lives of people due to the way they are living their Christian life. They are not saints but sample and faithful. We like you to write and share the story of the life of such persons with us.

TivCatholicLink is collecting stories, films, audios and arts by children and adults alike. These stories, films, audios and arts serve to remind us about our catholic faith and strengthen us to move forward with all the difficulties we are facing individually and collectively as Catholics. Also by following in the footsteps of our catholic heroes we can overcome obstacles and achieve our dreams.

TivCatholicLink brings together Tiv Sons and Daughters who honor Tiv Catholic heroes, working for positive change in Tivland and the world at large. The prizes are awarded to the outstanding works according to Primary School, Secondary School, College, University and professionals in the following categories: stories, films, audios and arts.

Rules & Terms

All the stories, films, audios, arts, needs to be suitable for both children and adults and foster Catholic faith and Tiv morals. TivCatholicLink is not going to accept stories, films, audios and arts which promote hatred, violence. Stories, films, audios, and arts must be original, created by you.

  • Your videos should be 10 minutes above that will be accepted.
  • Film formats acceptable: Mp4, H264, Flash, and QuickTime.
  • You will sign a consent forms for us to use your film on our site
  • TivCatholicLink panel will review your stories, films, audios, arts, and award according to Primary School, Secondary School, College, University and professional.
  • Those on the finalist will get awards too and selected stories, films, audios, arts will be featured on our website.



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