Joseph Tarkaa Asaka

Theme: Our Journey to Emmaus!  Luke 24:13-35

1.Life is a journey. Like any journey, it is full of challenges. Sometimes, we may really get confused and lost.Like the disciples going to Emmaus, we are sometimes amazed, overwhelmed or even frustrated by the circumstances of life. Often times, things simply do not turn out the way we anticipated and we tend to think that God has 'failed' and abandoned us.

2. In the life of the disciples, the resurrection was one event that initially got them so confused that some behaved as though they felt it was needless keeping faith with God. For instance, according to John 20:24,Thomas was absent the first time Jesus appeared to the disciples! Thomas did not go to church, so to speak! The question is where was Thomas? Why did he choose to be absent from the assembly of the faithful? It would seem that Tom was disappointed. Peter on his part said he would go back to fishing and about five disciples followed him. Why would they go back to fishing? Again, it would seem that Pet and the other disciples got fed up with this 'Jesus thing'. And then we have these two gentlemen walking to Emmaus, a journey of about 7miles or 11 kilometres ( today's gospel)! Why? It seems they also want to distance themselves from Jerusalem and the 'Jesus thing'! But behold, Jesus is patient with them and he still accompanies them. On Easter Sunday, Mary Magdalene stood crying outside that tomb (John 20:11).
Why? It would seem she was dumbfounded!

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Joseph Tarkaa Asaka

1.At Easter, we celebrate, with immense joy, Christ’s Resurrection from the dead and the victory of goodness over evil, light over darkness, God over the devil, life over death.

2. Even in this strange year, by the special grace of God, we are set to celebrate yet another Easter Vigil. Tonight is the most Holy Night and vigil in Christianity, the vigil which ushers us into the season of Easter. As we keep a solemn and hopeful vigil, I choose to reflect on the EMPTY TOMB.

3. In general, the tomb is a sign of great loss, sorrow, pain, frustration and hopelessness. Prior to Christ’s Resurrection, it was unthinkable, inconceivable or unimaginable that one could transcend the tomb. But Jesus, for the first time in history, returned from the tomb alive.

4. What does this teach us? Jesus has the power to empty the ‘tombs’ of our life. By ‘tombs of our life’ I mean those difficult areas of our life that are seemingly intractable or insurmountable. Jesus can empty the ‘tomb’ of oppression, insecurity, barrenness, miscarriage, sickness, poverty, misfortune, joblessness,etc.

At this Easter, may the risen Lord make a special appearance to you and empty the ‘tombs’ of your affliction.
Happy Easter to all my esteemed readers.


by Joseph Tarkaa Asaka

1. I got a he-goat for my dad for the Christmas season of 2015(a year before my father died). Arriving Ikumbur,Mbatiav where my father was staying in the morning of 24th December, 2015, I discovered my father was the only person at home as others had gone out for their affairs. I removed the Christmas goat and tied it to an orange tree.

2. While I sat chatting with my dad, the goat got loosed from where it was tied. Since there was no one around, I had to chase this goat myself. For several reasons, the hope of getting this goat was extremely slim. One, this goat was running as if it knew our plans against him. To worsen the situation I wore a cassock and could not run well. Therefore the hope of getting this goat was almost lost even before I started chasing it.

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by Joseph Tarkaa Asaka

Once again, we have started Lent. We have begun the spiritual journey of forty days of prayer, fasting, abstinence, charity and mercy after the example of Christ. All the readings for the first Sunday of Lent speak to us about the reality of temptation and sin. Both Mr and Mrs Adam and Jesus are tempted. While Adam and Eve have fallen , Jesus overcomes . To know that Jesus overcomes all the temptations teaches and encourages us that with Him we can also overcome our temptations. To achieve this, we must employ the weapons that helped Jesus to overcome: deep love for God, intense prayer, deep meditation and silence.

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