Many of us do it without knowing why, we just follow others! Some of us don't do it at all! On entering a Church, we take holy water to remind us of our baptism and to ask for cleansing as we enter God's House. It is quite unfortunate that most Churches in our dioceses don't follow this tradition. Come to think of it, in your Church, do you have holy water on the door?

In the Church itself, we should look for the Tabernacle and Sanctuary Lamp which indicates the Real Presence of Christ and before taking our seat, we should genuflect reverently as a sign of respect and greeting to the King of Kings who is present in our midst.

Our genuflection should not simply be a joke, something we do without knowing why we do it. Most of us enter into the Church like we are entering into Togos and Nobis, even in a shrine, one is asked to remove he or her shoes for the respect of the gods. Our genuflection should be a thoughtful and deliberate act of love towards our Saviour, this is very important!



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